European luxury house of Cracovian heritage founded in 2006. Supplying rare objects for a moment of resort.


My name is Szymon and I was born to a photographer father and a florist mother with an entrepreneurial spirit. My parents beginning took place in the Family House outside of Cracov. Suddenly wooden trunks were packed and my brother, parents and I left Poland behind. We uprooted to Stockholm in 1986, but our heritage would later be inscribed in the company dna.
Stitch by stitch I started out at Tillskärar-akademin, an old fashion textile school. After graduation I was appointed head of design, but orders poured in on the side and in 2006 we made the decision to register the company ‘SZYMON ZÜRN’.
Our most popular, but also most exclusive object is the big CARRY-ON CARTER. Which was created in 2014 to help the company establish global recognition and was successfully adopted by the young  founders in the modern world.
Objects remain rare thanks to our waiting list- constructed to secure artificial scarcity for our most popular objects. These are exclusive objects handmade by our expert artisans and sent on unpredictable schedules to our private clients around the globe.



Yours sincerely

– Szymon Zürn, CEO